Kaki King: The Neck is a Bridge to the Body
Plus: Wishbone Zoe
Kaki King's groundbreaking new multimedia performance “The Neck Is A Bridge To The Body” was created with Glowing Pictures (Animal Collective, David Byrne, Brian Eno)
Iron Horse Music Hall

Provocative and moving, surprising and beautiful, “The Neck Is A Bridge To The Body” is Kaki King at her visionary best: deconstructing and redefining the role of a solo instrumental artist though virtuoso technique, insatiable imagination, and boundless humanity. King's groundbreaking new multi-media performance uses projection mapping to present the guitar as an ontological tabula rasa in a creation myth unlike any other.  Created in collaboration with Glowing Pictures – best known for their work with such artists as Animal Collective, David Byrne & Brian Eno, Beastie Boys, and TV On The Radio – The Neck Is A Bridge To The Body lays bare The Guitar’s inner life and protean power, its incalculable possibility and perpetual presence in our deepest unconscious.

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