• Plus: Chappell Roan
      Venue: Iron Horse Music Hall
      Date: Wednesday, February 21, 2018 ~ 7:00 PM

    • Declan McKenna has a problem with authority. For a suburban, Bowie-worshipping 17 year old who dropped out of school to record his debut album and slog round the country in a tour van, that’s hardly surprising. But this waif-like dreamer’s issue with beingtold what to do extends further than mere rebellion: his songs are gunning for the people who misuse power for the purposes of corruption and oppression. Set to melodies that evoke fond moments of The Strokes and Tom Vek, his messages bite hard.

      "What Do You Think About The Car? isn't just a batch ofgood songs —it's a powerful, clever album."  –NPR Music

      Upbeat pop coupled with whip-smart lyrics-GQ

      "Declan McKenna delivers precocious, purposeful pop on long-awaited debut album.-New York Daily News

      Hertforshire-raised singer-songwriter has been hailed as a Bob Dylan for today’s teens..." –The Sunday Times 

    • Performer Lineup:   Declan McKennaChappell Roan
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