• Plus: Tancred
      Venue: Pearl Street Ballroom
      Date: Friday, May 12, 2017 ~ 8:30 PM
      Online sales for this show closed at 3PM. You can get tickets until 4PM in person at NBO or by phone at 586-8686, or at the door tonight.
    • When it comes to a band’s musical identity, are bouts of artistic meandering a considerable asset or detriment? Depends on how masterful the act in question can navigate its shapeshifting—and how willing its fans are to go along for the ride. In the case of Seattle’s Minus the Bear, it’s ran the gamut of scattershot guitars and exclamation-laden tracks (see: “Monkey!!!!Knife!!!!Fight!!!!”) off earlier work to the comparatively morose tones explored on its last full-length, 2012’s “Infinitely Overrated.” But throughout its 15-year run, the quartet of Dave Knudson, Cory Murchy, Alex Rose and Jake Snider has made its creative roller coaster a ride worth taking. This is clear throughout its new release, “Voids.” Resplendent with the intricate Fender flourishes that have stamped some of its best work—yet varied enough to take on the instrumental unpredictability of any My Morning Jacket set list—the album reveals a band not aging, but growing ever sleeker while diversifying into an even more formidable entity.

    • Performer Lineup:   Minus The BearTancred
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