• Plus: The Ship & The Shield
      Venue: Iron Horse Music Hall
      Date: Wednesday, July 31, 2019 ~ 7:00 PM
      Online sales for this show closed at 3PM. You can get tickets until 4PM in person at NBO or by phone at 586-8686, or at the door tonight.
    • Dublin four-piece Lankum (brothers Ian and Daragh Lynch, Cormac MacDiarmada and Radie Peat) have gained worldwide acclaim for their first two albums and captivating, often euphoric live performances. Their third album, The Livelong Day, recorded and produced by John ‘Spud’ Murphy in the Meadow and Guerrilla Sounds studio (with additional help from Robert ‘Scanny’ Watson and mastered by Harvey Birrell) successfully blends alternative folk and psychedelia. It takes both the earthly and alien elements of their sound to create an immersive, otherworldly sonic landscape.

      On The Livelong Day, the band honor the sacredness of traditional Irish songs while allowing them to metamorphose–to expand, growand breathe. Drawing on their interest in varying styles and genres, from Krautrock to drone to ambient to Brian Eno, they balance this disparate array of tastes to create droning music that is dark, rich and raw.

    • Performer Lineup:   LankumThe Ship & The Shield
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