Pearl Street Ballroom

Through their high profile career with the Disco Biscuits, keyboardist Aron Magne and bassist Marc Brownstein became notorious for their ability to improvise as a unit, jamming out songs in ways that were radically different during each rendition. Conspirator was originally conceived as an outlet for them to explore new developments in electronic music. The project’s other missive was to involve a rotating cast of musicians who were looking to do the same. Conspirator have released three albums, 2006's “The Key” and 2012’s “Unlocked -- Live from the Georgia Theatre” and last year’s digital EP, "Unleashed." In early 2014, the band embarked on a coast to coast “Dynasty Tour." The tour continues and brings them to Northampton this Fall. Their new track UP is available on Souncloud: https://soundcloud.com/edm/the-hudson-project-presents-conspirator-up-edmcom-exclusive

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