Enter The Haggis
Well traveled road warriors and purveyors of story based rock and roll, the band formerly known as Enter the Haggis shed their skins and set out on exciting new paths.
Iron Horse Music Hall

Enter The Haggis is now Jubilee Riots. As Enter The Haggis, the band released seven studio albums and toured internationally to wide acclaim. “We toured and recorded as Enter The Haggis for a long time, but that name no longer represents the music that we’re making,” says the band’s multi-instrumentalist, Craig Downie. With a new name and a new album, Penny Black, the band plans to build on this legacy. Jubilee Riots is more than just a band and their eclectic, eccentric music. They’re a group of people who want to bring a community together doing what they love most—and with the momentum from Penny Black, that community is only going to grow.

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