Johnny A
Phenomenal guitarist Johnny A was just inducted into the Boston Music Hall of Fame at this year's Boston Music Awards (2014).  
Iron Horse Music Hall

Johnny A. has one of the most eloquent voices in modern music - and he doesn't sing a note. He channels every aspect of the human experience through his guitar. Only the finest musicians have the ability to capture the nuances of life in sound, which puts Johnny in a very exclusive group of six-stringers that includes Les Paul, Wes Montgomery, Jeff Beck, Chet Atkins, and Jimi Hendrix. Johnny's work as a sideman has taken him around the world, including a seven year stint leading legendary J. Geils Band frontman Peter Wolf's group. The journeying continues on the appropriately-titled Driven, a veritable sonic travelogue that takes the listener from the mists of the hypnotic opener “Ghost” through the rough-hewn terrain of “The Arizona Man,” before fading out in the mysteriously lovely sepia tones of “Gone (Like a Sunset).”  "Devotion to melodies, tight dynamics and succulent tones perfectly temper Johnny's balance of fire and ice."  -Guitar World

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