Dave Alvin & Phil Alvin with The Guilty Ones
Plus: The Far West
The legendary Alvin brothers, Dave & Phil's 'Common Ground' is nominated for Best Blues Album in this year's Grammy Awards. 
Iron Horse Music Hall

Dave Alvin, Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter and self-described "barroom guitarist," is widely considered to be one of the pivotal founders of the current Americana music scene. Since forming the highly influential roots rock/R+B band The Blasters, with his brother Phil in 1979, and throughout his long and critically acclaimed solo career, Dave Alvin has mixed his varied musical and literary influences into his own unique, updated version of traditional American music. Combining elements of blues, folk, R+B, rockabilly, Bakersfield country and garage rock and roll with lyrical inspiration from local writers and poets like Raymond Chandler, Gerald Locklin and Charles Bukowski, Alvin says that his songs are "just like California. A big, messy melting pot."  His new album "Eleven" is a reference to Alvin's birthday (Nov. 11) and the number of songs on the CD. He teams up with his older brother, Phil, and Gene Taylor, his band mates with the Blasters in the 1980s.

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