Michelle Chamuel
Rising star from Amherst who made a big splash on NBC's The Voice
Pearl Street Ballroom

Bespectacled Massachusetts singer Michelle Chamuel made her television debut on season 4 of The Voice, charming audiences and pop stars alike with her soulful covers. Initially wary of submitting to a reality television show, she soon found a place for herself on team Usher and ended up taking home 2nd place. By the time she took The Voice stage in 2013, Chamuel had already spent the better part of a decade fronting the seven-piece Michigan rock band, Ella Riot, touring around the country 200 days a year, releasing several albums, and driving a tour bus that ran on vegetable oil. In 2012, Chamuel returned to Massachusetts in search of home and solitude. She self-produced tracks under the moniker, The Reverb Junkie. “The band was such a great collaborative experience, but when it was over, I realized I hadn't ever tried making music on my own or developing what that sounded like.” Michelle Chamuel’s debut album, Face The Fire, set for release in early 2015, is a full-blown pop opus that inverts pop conventions while refining them, thanks to hand-crafted production, precise songwriting and the distiinct voice that's made this all possible.

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